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Order Wizard is a self ordering system for restaurants, cafes, pubs, fast food, etc.
Clients can make orders and pay using theirs smartphones inside restaurants.
Android phones and iPhone are supported. Mobile payments can be done via PayPal.

If you are client of a restaurant and it provides this self ordering service, you can order by your smartphone. When you sit to the table you have to scan QR code or tap on NFC tag (if available on the table and your phone supports NFC). Then your table is located (iPhone users have to connect to restaurant's Wi-Fi first) and you can look at the menu on your phone. After choosing your items you can send the order and wait until the waiter come with it. You can add items to your order at any time. When you finish you can pay by choosing from available methods: offline cash, offline card and PayPal depending what restaurant accepts.

If you are running restaurant you can offer to your clients this self-ordering service. You have to download and install our software on your desktop pc inside the restaurant and provide Wi-Fi network. Our application contains two modules: server and desktop client. Using client application you can create your digital menu, track orders visualized on floor plan, get paid via PayPal or be notified when the client wants to pay offline, manage staff, generate reports, etc. Server application communicates with mobile apps and receives orders, also if you have printers in kitchen and on the bar, you can directly print what staff have to prepare.

You can download and install our application, it is free. And we will appreciate any comments, suggestions or issues shared with us.


03.07.2013 Order Wizard is launched in beta stage. We will appreciate any comments about it. Read more »